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Group travel basically refers to traveling with a group of friends or a group that has been arranged by a company or an organization. Traveling as a group provides a great way to enjoy different destinations all across the globe, and has numerous benefits. Groups can range in size from an intimate party of a ten people traveling together on a cruise to hundreds of people sharing a common interest.

Types of groups

• Family & Friends
• Destination Weddings or Family Reunions
• Business – Company / Sales Team
• Fundraising Groups
• Alumni Groups and Fraternity – Sorority
• Clubs or Church Groups or Senior Organizations

Why group travel makes good sense

It Makes Arrangements Much Easier – If you do not like planning where you want to eat, where you want to go or even stay, traveling with a group is ideal for you because you don’t have to decide any of that (if you don’t want to). You’re not left to organize everything yourself.

It’s Cost Effective – Group travel can help cut down on the travel expenses, because everybody is sharing the costs of transport, food and lodging. Moreover, in a group, you will be eligible for different kinds of group discounts, which might not have been available if you were traveling solo. You’re not left to organize everything yourself.

It’s Less Stressful – When you are traveling as a group, you can actually share the travel stress, and the entire experience will be more simplified.

Companionship – By hanging out with other people, group travel provides great companionship and gives you the opportunity to meet other like minded travelers with whom you can share experiences with.

It Brings Special Opportunities – Group travelers tend to receive special considerations like priority service and special tours and some great hotel deals for groups.

You Will Have More fun
– When you travel as a group, it’s like one huge party throughout the trip, like minded individuals and can partake in activities or sightseeing tours together

Safety in Numbers – When traveling to foreign countries or to an unfamiliar location you may be much more vulnerable to pick pockets and thieves. However, when you are traveling as group you will be less of a target than if you were traveling by yourself.


Types of group travel experiences

• Cruises
From Luxury to Best Value – Cruise together! 
Hotel & Resorts
Beaches, Golf Trips, Spas, Remote Lodges or City Centers.

• Guided Vacation to Explore
Your group’s own “personal concierge” a tour director to perfectly match your itinerary.

• Tailor-made Excursion
That once in lifetime trip, an unforgettable vacation that is completely customized to your intimate group.

Our Travel Advisors are ready to help

Our Travel Advisors service your needs to the highest standards of quality and personal service; negotiated lowest possible group rates; and extra privileges and benefits, which may include FREE amenities such as category upgrades, cocktail parties, group photos, and champagne. You get the extra privileges because we do the work for you. Call us, then, simply sit back and have fun.

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